• practice design

    High functional and timeless: Furniture systems for OPHTHALMIC GmbH, Mosbach.

  • design for music 2

    Series of mini-sized bassamps and cabs.

  • design for music 1

    Multiple guitar stands for electric- and acoustic guitars.

  • identity design

    The visual identity of a brand starts with the logo. The new logo design for the SYLT FOUNDATION is a distinctive element in our holistic design approach...

  • furniture design

    Cool and classic. The hairdresser's chair Stage for OLYMP, Stuttgart, Germany.

  • sanitary design

    For the global sanitary ware company Roca we have developed the top-level collection „Veranda“. It is in use worldwide and - due to its timeless elegance - over ten years on the market.

  • equipment design

    Water filter system for HONEYWELL. The iconic design combines simplicity with ease of usage.

  • logo design

    Selection of logo artwork.

  • archive

    Selected works out of 30 years.